Capes Rules update – Beta version2

The second version of the beta rules are out, just in time for you all to get your Heroes ready for our first game of the year in May. Some of the changes are:

Less Damage flavors for free, but the option to buy more.

Healing is now a separate skill (and still takes up one of your damage flavors).

Movement skills are now a separate skill and are more unified and clarified. Plus, you can use them in combat now.

Item Crafting and Item Expert got tweaked a bit, trying to find a good balance point. Please, let us know what you think of it.

A whole lot of clarification and cleaned up text in general. Added some example heroes to the specific pages for each power source, so it’s easier to see how you can create heroes within the rules.

Let us know if you have questions or feedback and we hope to see you at our first full game! Thanks.

Second Event details

The second event is planned for the weekend of May 9th through May 11th. It will be at Camp Falling Rock, 12637 Houdeshell Road, Newark OH 43055. PCing is $40 dollars for the weekend or only $30 if you preregister by sending in an email. ($20 and $15 for a single day). PCs can arrive at 6pm and the game is set to begin around 9pm. NPCing is free (although please let us know you are coming by email or FB message).

We will be staying in the Franklin Lodge and will have modern toilets and shower facilities, a refrigerator and gas stove for cooking. (Directions: Take either St. Rt. 161 or St. Rt. 16 east to Newark. Turn north on St. Rt. 79. Go approximately 11 miles on St. Rt. 79 until you reach Township Road 210 (Rocky Fork Road). At the intersection of St. Rt. 79 and Township Road 210 there is a white barn and a sign for Camp Falling Rock. Turn left onto Township Road 210, follow this to Houdeshell Road. Turn left and proceed on it to the camp entrance. )

First event and Capes rules v0.1.1

Update Sept 18th 2013: The first Beta version of the rules is available for download: Capes version v 0.1.1 By and large, this will be the rules for the opening game on Nov 23rd, but there may be a minor update in the upcoming weeks with clarifications. Incidentally, if you have any feedback on the rules, please email us.

Come talk with us! There’s a forum on this website or join our Facebook group Capes! Superhero LARP.

Hope to see you at our first event, Nov 23rd. We’ll be at the Hopwell Day Lodge in Caesar Creek State Park. The park’s address is 8570 East St. Rt. 73, Waynesville, Ohio 45068. The Day Lodge is located off Clarksville Road. Clarksville Road is located off of State Route 73 East/West or off of Oregonia Road. Follow Clarksville Road to Middletown Road. There is a large sign at the intersection of Middletown and Clarksville Road leading you to the Day Lodge.