Influence Points and NPC points

This page will be updated as we add new things you can purchase with our currencies. Currently, we have two game currencies. The first is Influence points, that you earn by PCing and acting like a hero.

The main currency of Heroes in CAPES is influence. Influence is earned by saving people, catching villains and becoming more famous. If more than one person performs an heroic act, they all receive the full amount of influence for that action. If you have all of your projectiles when you check out, you also get a 5 Influence bonus (to represent your character having followed the little rules during the event, such as no littering).

In addition, if a group of heroes work together as a named group, the group also gains the same influence. Influence can be transferred, from hero to hero or from group to group (but not from hero to group or group to hero). A named group requires three or more heroes to register with HeroNET.

Influence can be spent to gain in game rewards, such as items, favors, better headquarters and so on. Purchasing with Influence may take some time.

An incomplete list of examples:

  • 25 Influence: 5 SP worth of Beginner Items.
  • 25 Influence: A Hero card of your hero.
  • 50 Influence: 5 SP worth of Expert Items.
  • 50 Influence: A minor favor. Such as asking for someone to loan you equipment or support you in a way that does not risk themselves.
  • 75 Influence: Having a small secret lair, such as under your house.
  • 100 Influence: The mayor to gives you the key to the city. Parades and ceremonies happen, and you get news coverage.
  • 200 Influence: Encouraging a law to be passed in your town. For example, you might champion a law to allow sea turtles the right to run in city elections.
  • 200 Influence: Having a prominent building in the town as your group’s headquarters (can be more prominent if you spend more influence). Such as a skyscraper in the shape of your symbol.
  • 300 Influence: Have an expansive and difficult to access secret lair (can be more expansive and difficult to access if you spend more influence). Such as a space station or an underwater city.

Influence usually represents fame, “good publicity” and thankfulness by society as a whole for your actions as a Hero. It could also represent secrets, favors or such from unspecified individuals. Recently, HeroNET has began tracking this influence and has agreed to act as a service broker, allowing Heroes and neutrals to barter Influence amongst themselves for gizmos, magic items and other favors.

As heroes continue to do heroics, the public focuses less on heroics of years past. To simulate this, at the start of every calendar year, all Influence totals will decrease by 1/3. As such, feel free to spend your influence early rather than trying to horde it for later.

All lairs and bases have an upkeep cost to keep them fully operational. This cost is 25 Influence per year after the first. In addition, influence may be spent to improve your base or lair, such as adding a supercomputer to assist in research or a stationary portal between two locations.


The second currency is NPC points, that you earn from NPCing or donating props. You earn 20 NPC points per day while NPCing. Unlike influence, NPC points do not decay.

  • 10 NPC points can be turned into 25 Influence.
  • 50 NPC points can be redeemed for a free gameday.

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