Getting Started with Capes

A step-by-step guide to attending your first game.

Step 1:  Find an event to go to on our website or Facebook events tab.

Step 2:  Download a free copy of the rulebook from

Step 3:  Decide if you would like to NPC (free) or PC ($50 per weekend).  (If you decide to NPC, you can skip steps 4 and 5).

Step 4:  Use the rulebook or work with one of the staff to design your Hero (Player Character).

Step 5:   Design a costume and get some weapons for your hero to use at the game.  Staff may be able to loan you some weapons for the first event, but you’ll eventually want your own.

Step 6:  Pre-register for the game you picked by emailing by the Wednesday before the event.  This gives PCs a $10 discount.

Step 7:  Pack for the game:

- Signed waiver (

- Game fee if playing a PC

- Extra changes of clothing (especially socks).  NPCs should bring plain clothing that is appropriate for the weather.

- Food for the group potluck (or cash for the diner, events with diner will be specified)

- Water bottle

- Hero costume

- LARP-safe weapons

- Hygiene products

- Towel

- Sleeping bag and pillow

- Air mattress or foam camp mat (if at the Cricket Holler location)

- Rain gear

- Personal prescription medication

-Bug spray or sunscreen as appropriate

Step 8:  Go to the event and have fun!


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