October Event and Not So Cool Kids Podcast

Howdy folks, a couple of announcements.

First, we are setting up an event for October 17-19. It will be at Cricket Holler Boy Scout Camp in Dayton, OH, the same camp as the last event. Further details can be found at the Facebook event.

Secondly, we were invited onto the “Not So Cool Kids” video Podcast, with ​Brian Titus. It was a panel format regarding LARPing, particularly how it is seen by the general public and from more mainstream nerds. You can see the video at Youtube here. Or visit their website at www.thenotsocoolkidspodcast.com. Next week, check them out, as they will have CW Cooke talking about a comic book he’s kickstarting called Solitary, about a wrongly convicted hero who is on death row and then gains the power of immortality.


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