July 2014 Event & Joining LARP United

Hi everyone!   We’re pleased to announce the second full-weekend Capes game on July 11-13 , beginning check in at 7pm Friday and beginning play at 9 pm.  Quiet times will be between 2 am and 8 am both nights.  Game off and check out will be 10am Sunday.

The event will take place at the Cricket Hollar Boy Scout Camp at 6675 Brandtford Rd, Dayton, Ohio 45414.

There will be plenty of floor to sleep on, however there are no beds, so you may wish to bring camp foam or an air mattress to sleep on. Flush toilets are available, but the showers are “rustic” per the campmaster. You may want to bring a fan, since it will be July.

Food will be a tavern with a reverse tab; you are also welcome to bring your own food but appliances may be in short supply.

Price to PC will be $40 for the event, $30 if you pre-register by the Wednesday before the event. Price to NPC is free.  For any questions, please email openlarpgame@gmail.com .

Our LARP has also joined up with LARP United, a group of LARPs that share benefits between games.  Please see their page for benefits you may receive from playing at Capes!

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