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Capes Rules: Version Beta 3

We have officially moved to the Capes Rules: Version Beta 3 after playtesting it at the April Fools Game. My bad for not updating the rules here sooner. Sorry.

For those of you who were not at the April game, the big changes are moving to a shorter skill reset cycle. Now instead of having a pool of damage or healing that needed to last for 8-12 hours, your skills can be reset by taking an hour break (such as eat dinner) or by playing NPCs for a fight. As such, Pools and Healing Pools were replaced with Smites (single attacks that deal 20 damage) and Heals (single heals that heal 10 damage). Hopefully, it should be easier to balance expendable skills (avoids, smites, heals, ect) against non-expendable skills like Strength, Threshold and HP.

We’ve also adjusted the Item Crafting skill to make it fit the new cycle and added Flaws, optional weaknesses that you can add to your character to gain back some SP.

The rules are now up here.