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Changes to Capes! Superhero LARP

As we approach our next weekend event on Feb 20th, there are a few bits of official business type information that I need to post here.

First, is the announcement that the price for the event is now $50 per weekend (or $40 if you prereg). We’re still learning how to run Capes! and we are still trying to find the right balance for things. The previous lower price was not covering the price of our camps, let alone the props and costumes that we make out of pocket. We asked our players how much they would be willing to play vs how often we would try to run games, they voted for raising the price in addition to attempting to run 4-5 events a year.  With our current players numbers we will still be losing money per event, but (hopefully) we will be losing less money per event.

Secondly, this event will be the first event of 2015, therefore all of last year’s waivers will expire. At the next game we will require everyone to sign a new waiver.

Thirdly, we have began posting plot hooks and rumors for the next event. You can find some Press Releases from In Game companies which may be concern to local heroes here. Feel free to email to ask plot questions, submit your backstories or work on your character builds.