Capes Rules: Version Beta 3

We have officially moved to the Capes Rules: Version Beta 3 after playtesting it at the April Fools Game. My bad for not updating the rules here sooner. Sorry.

For those of you who were not at the April game, the big changes are moving to a shorter skill reset cycle. Now instead of having a pool of damage or healing that needed to last for 8-12 hours, your skills can be reset by taking an hour break (such as eat dinner) or by playing NPCs for a fight. As such, Pools and Healing Pools were replaced with Smites (single attacks that deal 20 damage) and Heals (single heals that heal 10 damage). Hopefully, it should be easier to balance expendable skills (avoids, smites, heals, ect) against non-expendable skills like Strength, Threshold and HP.

We’ve also adjusted the Item Crafting skill to make it fit the new cycle and added Flaws, optional weaknesses that you can add to your character to gain back some SP.

The rules are now up here.



Capes October 2015 Event

Our next event is October 2-4, 2015 in Delaware, Ohio.  The cost to PC for this event is $50, but if you email us to let us know you’re coming by the Wednesday before the game, then you can PC for the discounted price of $40.  NPCing is always free.

Please email for more information or check our Facebook group at

Changes to Capes! Superhero LARP

As we approach our next weekend event on Feb 20th, there are a few bits of official business type information that I need to post here.

First, is the announcement that the price for the event is now $50 per weekend (or $40 if you prereg). We’re still learning how to run Capes! and we are still trying to find the right balance for things. The previous lower price was not covering the price of our camps, let alone the props and costumes that we make out of pocket. We asked our players how much they would be willing to play vs how often we would try to run games, they voted for raising the price in addition to attempting to run 4-5 events a year.  With our current players numbers we will still be losing money per event, but (hopefully) we will be losing less money per event.

Secondly, this event will be the first event of 2015, therefore all of last year’s waivers will expire. At the next game we will require everyone to sign a new waiver.

Thirdly, we have began posting plot hooks and rumors for the next event. You can find some Press Releases from In Game companies which may be concern to local heroes here. Feel free to email to ask plot questions, submit your backstories or work on your character builds.



February 20 – 22, 2015 Event

Howdy all,

We will be running a full weekend event in February in Delaware, Ohio. This event will run from November 20-22.

Further details (and addresses) are available from our Facebook events page at .

Hope to see you all soon!


Epic-Con booth and a November event

Howdy all,

Two big events coming up (in addition to the October game, which is still scheduled for Oct 17-19 in Dayton).

We will be at Epic-Con in Dayton on October 24-25. We will have a booth there and you all are welcome to stop by. Mostly, we’re just going to try to introduce Capes to some new people in the Dayton area. We won’t have any space to run any mods or such, but we might have some weapons there for demonstration purposes.

Secondly, we will be running a full weekend event in November in Delaware, Ohio. This event will run from November 14-16.

Further details (and addresses) are available from our Facebook events page at .



October Event and Not So Cool Kids Podcast

Howdy folks, a couple of announcements.

First, we are setting up an event for October 17-19. It will be at Cricket Holler Boy Scout Camp in Dayton, OH, the same camp as the last event. Further details can be found at the Facebook event.

Secondly, we were invited onto the “Not So Cool Kids” video Podcast, with ​Brian Titus. It was a panel format regarding LARPing, particularly how it is seen by the general public and from more mainstream nerds. You can see the video at Youtube here. Or visit their website at Next week, check them out, as they will have CW Cooke talking about a comic book he’s kickstarting called Solitary, about a wrongly convicted hero who is on death row and then gains the power of immortality.


July 2014 Event & Joining LARP United

Hi everyone!   We’re pleased to announce the second full-weekend Capes game on July 11-13 , beginning check in at 7pm Friday and beginning play at 9 pm.  Quiet times will be between 2 am and 8 am both nights.  Game off and check out will be 10am Sunday.

The event will take place at the Cricket Hollar Boy Scout Camp at 6675 Brandtford Rd, Dayton, Ohio 45414.

There will be plenty of floor to sleep on, however there are no beds, so you may wish to bring camp foam or an air mattress to sleep on. Flush toilets are available, but the showers are “rustic” per the campmaster. You may want to bring a fan, since it will be July.

Food will be a tavern with a reverse tab; you are also welcome to bring your own food but appliances may be in short supply.

Price to PC will be $40 for the event, $30 if you pre-register by the Wednesday before the event. Price to NPC is free.  For any questions, please email .

Our LARP has also joined up with LARP United, a group of LARPs that share benefits between games.  Please see their page for benefits you may receive from playing at Capes!

Capes Waiver of Liability

Boring bit of legal requirement, here is our waiver if you’d like a chance to read it before the game. You will need to sign it before the game, but I’ll have copies there.

Minors will need to have an adult on site with them. If that adult is not their parent or guardian, they will need to have their parent/guardian sign the waiver and bring it with them.


Capes Mission Statement

Dear Players,

As we go into our first full weekend event, we wanted to give a brief overview of our goals for staff and players throughout the coming year.  Please feel free to email us with any concerns.

To begin, the purpose of Capes is to provide a cooperative LARP where all Player Characters work on the same side, acting as Superheros to protect society.

As such, we strive to foster a cooperative environment for players.  This means that certain PvP actions such as stealing, or player-killing are not allowed in the Capes environment.

Our goal is to take away direct conflict between players, to the extent that the influence granted from a success will be copied to all players who took part.

Regarding player feedback, we want to listen to players, NPCs, staff, and the community at large in order to tailor our game.  Instead of dictating the game, we would rather build a game with our players.

We have an emphasis on safety.  All LARP weapons will be checked before game to ensure that they are as safe as possible.  Real weapons such as knives, guns (including BB or airsoft guns), etc. are strictly prohibited at Capes events.

We are also a drug and alcohol free game.  This includes tobacco, although players are free to go out of game to their vehicles to smoke.

Personal safety is a heavy consideration.  Please do not make physical contact with another player, NPC, or staff member without their consent.  If another person makes physical contact without your consent, please talk to staff as soon as possible, and we will handle it.  Please keep PDAs to a PG level, as many of our events will be held at locations where that is a standard.

We understand that some players may  feel more comfortable with certain types of roleplay than others.  It is always an option to go out of game if something makes you feel uncomfortable.  You may also report to staff.  In the case of damage flavors that people may feel uncomfortable roleplaying, players always have the option to simply “go unconscious”.

Another emphasis is on fun!  We want all players to be able to have fun playing their characters.  The game is set as a Player vs. Environment game so that everyone can have a chance to work together and share the spotlight.  NPC fun is also a priority.  NPCs can be expected to have several different roles during any game, with difficulty and importance of NPCs being distributed fairly.

We strive to have at least one personal plot encounter with each PC, every event.  It is possible that more personal encounters may happen in a given event.  We encourage players to submit backstories and goals to staff in order to further develop your character’s personal plot.

Capes is not designed to be a business, but instead a community.  Any “profit” made from games fees that exceeds the rental amount for the campsite will go back into the game to provide better equipment for NPCs and treasure for PCs, as well as to provide a more realistic game environment.

That said, it is also one of our goals to send out each NPC as well-costumed for their part as time and budget will allow.

We look forward to gaming with all of you this year, and in years to come.

Your Capes Staff,

Steven Adams, Christine Bair, and Taylor Campbell